Area Lighting and Maintenance

Area Lighting Maintenance And More – For Businesses In Dallas And Beyond

Intex Electric is available to your business for area lighting maintenance and retrofitting – and we look forward to providing you innovative and cost-effective solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting that will exceed your expectations at a price that fits within your budget.

With 150 people and 30 years experience in Dallas and across North Texas, we know how to help you get the most from your area lighting investment.

Lighting Is A Crucial Defense And More

In many cases, lighting is the first line of defense against theft and property damage. For example, a well-lit parking lot can deter criminal activity better than just about any other potential solution. This means greater protection for your inventory and physical assets as well as your customers and employees.

Plus, your parking lot is often the first thing customers see and needs to portray a positive image. Today, that often means LED lighting, an excellent choice because it results in an immediate and dramatic savings when used to replace traditional lighting. And LED lighting powers up quickly, is durable and inexpensive from the start. Even better, retrofitting is usually easy to do, so there’s rarely a need for new poles other expensive changes to your lighting equipment.

We can also help you with:

  • Decorative lighting
  • Electric sign repair
  • Light pole
  • inspections
  • Parking lot light repairs
  • Roadway and driveway lighting
  • Sports lighting
  • Interior lighting upgrades
  • And more.

Area lighting maintenance and related services are crucial to the operation of your business. While workers and employees often complain that there’s too little light, rarely does anyone complain about having too much task or security lighting. A single malfunctioning light can make a dramatic and negative difference in the look and success of your facility and decrease productivity.

Ready To Work For You

Fortunately, Intex Electric is a team of experts in all types of commercial electrical services, including area lighting maintenance and repair. Trust us for lighting surveys and competitive bids when necessary. Our goal is to help you make the most of your facilities and property through well-functioning lighting that increases productivity, security, beauty and visibility. Reach out to Intex Electric for lighting work at your Dallas business or commercial location anywhere in North Texas. We’ll work within your company’s established systems toward solutions that meet your needs better than you thought possible. For commercial electrical services of any kind, contact us now – and get ready for a level of professionalism you may have thought didn’t exist anymore.


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