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Panel Upgrade / Replacement

Nowadays, our homes have been equipped with state of the art technology such as: smart refrigerators, flatscreen TV’s, home theaters, gaming consoles, computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These gadgets and appliances easily overload electrical systems in older homes causing issues such as flickering lights, blown fuses, unexplained power outages, and possible electrical damage to your appliances.

What is an electrical panel?

An electrical panel, typically identified by a gray steel box in or outside of your home, functions to distribute power through your home safely and effectively from your power company.

Intex recommends a new electrical panel if:

  • Appliances are running less than full power
  • Corrosion or rust are on the panel
  • Renovation that includes the addition of a major appliance like stoves, central heating and air, spas, and more.
  • To meet homeowner’s insurance requirement

Note: If you have an older electrical panel system, such as the one listed below, Intex recommends you have a new electrical panel replaced immediately because of possible fire and electrocution safety risks.

  • Federal Pacific Electric
  • Zinsco Electric
  • Pushmatic
  • Fuse Box

Contact an Intex Electric professional to determine the need for a new electrical panel in your home.

When it comes to electrical repairs, It's best to consult the experts.
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